"Rebeca taught me how to fly!

I felt I was at my weakest moment in life and she reminded me it was actually my strongest moment... if I ever have another baby I hope she's by my side!"

-Laura 2014

"In the end, we had a beautiful, perfect baby girl and couldn't thank Rebeca enough for teaching us important techniques while helping us build the strength and confidence we needed to have the calm, non-medicated labor that we wanted."

-Katy 2016

"Working with Rebeca was exactly what I needed for this birth. Before the birth we met a handful of times to discuss pain management, my fears and how we would manage them, and what I needed from her during my labor. Rebeca has a wealth of knowledge wrapped up in a soothing, compassionate, and gentle spirit. I felt completely prepared when I went into labor."

-Emily 2016

"This incredible woman was the best support I could ever ask for. She held me, both literally and figuratively through so much! Her kindness, patience, positivity, knowledge, and unconditional support were precisely what I needed as I made my journey. We are so grateful for her! "
- Lisa 2018


Sliding scale pricing 

1 free consultation/interview


Roughly four prenatal meetings with more preferred if time and your personal situation allows

Communication by phone and email throughout pregnancy

Access to my lending library 

Late pregnancy belly henna


On call support starting at 38 weeks


Attend birth through first feeding


2-3 postpartum visits

Back-up and team doula services provided by
Rebeca Greenan and Kari Cantrell













I am committed to the idea that everyone deserves support regardless of ability to pay. Please feel free to contact me about payment plans, bartering, and reduced rates. 


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